dance examinations

We follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus offering our pupils to be annually entered for the prestigious ballet examinations.

RAD exams are recognised worldwide. They allow students to develop musicality, artistry and creativity along with providing opportunities to progress and achieve a solid classical ballet technique. All candidates who successfully pass an examination receive a certificate of achievement and a breakdown of their result with a bronze, silver or gold medal.

EDA have 100% pass rate. We strive to ensure that exams are a positive and rewarding experience. The decision as to whether a student is entered is based on the professional opinion/expertise of students’ teachers and the Principal. This not only enables retention of the valuable reputation that Elite has acquired, but also ensures that its students continue to be motivated and progress through the grades to the best of their ability.

RAD Examination Protocol

EDA aims for all RAD students to enter exams annually – however this is not a ‘given’ as not all students learn at the same pace and other factors can affect their readiness. The final decision as to whether a child is ready to enter an examination is made in consultation between the student’s teacher and Yasmin Alamiri; Principal of Elite Dance Academy. The Principal’s decision will be final.

Students are only ever entered for exams when they:

  • Attend classes regularly to ensure they have learned the syllabus
  • Know all of the exercises thoroughly
  • Are able to commit to extra examination coaching in the weeks leading up to the examination date
  • Exam fees are paid before the examination date and are generally non refundable.
  • If you miss the payment before the due date your child will not be able to take part in the exam
  • Exam fees and extra coaching are an additional cost to the termly class fees
  • Should you wish for your child NOT to be entered in an examination, an email should be sent to the Principal.